• Here’s To The Zeros
  • Childish Gambino 3005
  • Michelle Chamuel
  • Hey Rosetta!
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Robert DeLong
  • Glorious Sons Heavy
  • Pop 101
  • Jaden Chase Incredible
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Grimes Go
  • TheNewPornographers
  • Chromeo
  • Mohrs – Better
  • Arctic Monkeys

Happy New Year!

As of Monday, January 7th, the Frontside offices are officially open again after our holiday break. Thanks to everyone for a successful 2013 and look forward to an even better one in 2014! … [Continue reading]

Five Finger

5 Finger

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Andrew Allen – Thinking About You


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Half Moon Run Slide


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Congrats to the 2014 Grammy Nominees!

‘Pass me the whiskey, Pass me the gin,’ because three of our clients have been nominated for the 56th Grammy Awards! The Alabama Shakes were nominated for Best Rock Performance for the second year in a row with their track 'Always Alright,' featured in the ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Soundtrack. You can watch their live performance from Saturday … [Continue reading]

THINK TANK: The Christmas Freeze

For those outside of the radio business, the term “Christmas Freeze” sounds like it could be a dessert after a holiday meal. But in reality, “Christmas Freeze” is simply the annual seasonal shutdown that hits radio station playlists across the country in and around December, ranging anywhere from 2-to-8-weeks in length (depending on the station … [Continue reading]

THINK TANK: How Much Indie Music Gets Played On Commercial Radio? This Much…

When we started Frontside back in 2003, the landscape of the music business was changing seemingly daily. Frankly, the technology of just about every device we used was changing every couple of months (remember Palm Pilots?). A few things were static in our business however, especially this simple premise: Don’t service indie records to radio in … [Continue reading]

Mediabase Panel Change Announcement October 2013

Effective with the airplay week of October 27-November 2, 2013 (and for the charts posted on Sunday, November 3), the following changes will be made to Mediabase Published Panels. In addition, AQH will be updated based on Spring 2013 Nielsen Audio numbers, as well as revised weights for the Country panel. The new panel changes will appear beginning … [Continue reading]

THINK TANK: The Evolving Landscape Of Canadian Radio Ownership

Now that the dust has pretty much settled on the Bell Media acquisition of Astral and final CRTC approval is all that's stopping the transfer of ownership for the various divested properties, we thought it would be helpful to look at what these ownership conversions may mean to their respective markets. In the markets where they had to shed … [Continue reading]