• Coldplay Slider
  • Glorious Sons
  • Metric – The Shade
  • Marianas Trench “One Love”
  • Major Lazer Powerful
  • Metric – Lie Lie Lie
  • A-trak
  • Grimes
  • Rococode
  • Major Lazer – Lean On
  • FFS
  • BAE – I’m Lonely
  • Pop Evil – “Footsteps”
  • Zolas
  • Big Sugar
  • Half Moon Run – Turn Your Love
  • Fine Times

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Jordan Hart


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August Rigo


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Think Tank: The American Active Rock Influence, or Lack Of…

Traditionally speaking, the US Active Rock radio chart had a huge influence on what was played on Canada’s Active Rockers. But in the 4th quarter of 2014, there is as big a disparity as we’ve seen in recent memory. As of this week’s chart (Nov 3rd) only 30% of the records on the USA Top 30 even appear on the Canadian Top 30. That’s 10 songs total … [Continue reading]

Is It Can-Con?


It’s the question I’ve been asked at least once a week for the 15+ years I’ve been in the promotion game. “Is my single Can-Con?” The answer I generally give is. Possibly. The reason I’m always hesitant to simply concede an affirmative Can-Con status based on the loose information a manager or label provides me stems from a general … [Continue reading]

The Dears


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Hey Rosetta! – Gold Teeth


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What Went Where — Wrapping-up the Bell / Astral Asset Sale Extravaganza

Over the past year-and-a-half, we've thought -- and written -- about the then-impending ownership changes that were looming across the country (The Evolving Landscape of Canadian Radio Ownership from October 2013, along with the earlier February 2013 piece Changes Are Coming). Let's have a look at how things played out. First, a quick recap to … [Continue reading]

The Katherines – Cherry Lips


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