Established in 2003, Frontside Group is Canada’s most successful music promotion firm, with staff members that specialize in promotion, artist development, research and analysis. Over the past ten years we’ve brought countless artists chart success at Rock, Alternative, CHR/Top 40, HAC, and A/C. Our chart numbers for current clients are to the left, and below are some of our recent successes. Check out our clients page for a more comprehensive list of who we've worked with as well. MarianasTrenchSlider DisclosureLatchSlider ELLIEDOUBLEnew MonsterTHistSlider2 MetricHistSlider2 ChromeoSlider-copy 103STW MotherMotherSlider DearRougeIHeardIHad 713PopEvil AlabamaShakesSlider DFAslider1 PhantogramSlider OBSSlider HMRSlider MountiesHistSlider2 GloriousSonsSlider Diplo KWSummertime Raconteurs bigsugar HotHotHeat TheMidwayState NWLights Sixxam Raghav-Fire OKGO CrystalCastles PaulVanDyk HistSlider MMNoreflection HistSlider FranzF histslider MotleyCrueHistoricSlider SloanHistoricSlide YukonBlondeHistSlider 829AA DropkickMurpheysSlider 829Fin FitzandTantrumsSlider DiamondRings IMESlider MattGoodslider JRDNhistslide2 313MM StateofShockHist APDoubleSlider HawksleyWorkman SUM41 041498Deg Chantal 10YRS