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What Went Where — Wrapping-up the Bell / Astral Asset Sale Extravaganza

Over the past year-and-a-half, we’ve thought — and written — about the then-impending ownership changes that were looming across the country (The Evolving Landscape of Canadian Radio Ownership from October 2013, along with the earlier February 2013 piece Changes Are Coming). Let’s have a look at how things played out.

First, a quick recap to freshen the memory: Bellmedia had paid $3.4-billion for the assets of Astral Media (various radio outlets & specialty TV channels) but needed to shed ten radio stations in order to stay within the CRTC’s market ownership guidelines, while Newcap Radio announced their plans to sell off their Alberta-based holdings during the same time-frame. The fates of dozens of stations (and their staff) were up-in-the-air.

Even though Newcap Radio eventually mothballed their Alberta divestiture plans (reportedly unable to find interested buyers), they did become a major participant in the Bell asset sell-off, picking up five properties in Toronto and Vancouver for the tidy sum of $112-million. The big question now becomes, what are they going to do with their new assets? [Read more...]


The 2014 Polaris Music Prize Long List was announced in Calgary on Thursday. Congrats to all of our clients who made the list of 40 albums, which were narrowed down from 189!

Basia Bulat performed her nominated album Tall Tall Shadow live at the event. It’s the third album by the Toronto singer-songwriter and her most personal to-date. The ten songs from the album tell the story of a very hard year in the artist’s life and all the love that helped her through it.  Chromeo‘s fourth album release, White Women marks the tenth anniversary of their debut album She’s in Control.  The record’s cover art, featuring the duo walking a veiled bride, serves to represent this long musical union. Also on the list are Mounties, a super-trio made up of members  [Read more...]

World Cup 2014



Our semi-regular series of market explorations continues this month with a look at Halifax, the largest population centre in the Maritimes and the 13th largest radio market in Canada, with 10 commercial stations that, according to the CRTC’s 2012 Statistical and Financial Summaries report, generate $21.7-million in revenue

Perhaps one of the more unique pieces of radio trivia about Halifax is that since 2009, all 22 of the commercial, non-commercial and campus signals servicing the region broadcast on the FM band only. While AM is still an active and ongoing concern elsewhere across the country, the wholesale migration away from AM in Halifax may be the the way of the future elsewhere, especially in light of the increasing operational and maintenance costs associated with keeping aging AM transmitters on the air.
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New Panel Changes

Effective with the airplay week of April 27-May 3, 2014, the following changes will be made to Mediabase Published Panels (unless otherwise noted). The data will be reflected the evening of Friday, May 2. The next panel change, based on results released on the Winter 2013 ratings period, is scheduled to be announced in June.

ADD CFRK/Fredericton, NB


ADD CKWS/Kingston, ON

ADD CJEC/Quebec City, QC

ADD CIND/Toronto, ON

Think Tank: Q107

Classic rock fans in Toronto woke up to some changes on April 7th, with morning man John Derringer explaining that their favourite station was evolving from “Classic Rock” to “Toronto’s Rock Station”. According to Derringer, “The dinner menu does not change, that stays the same, it’s rock, it’s the music we all love, the flavouring is going to change a little bit.”

So what type of “flavouring” are we talking about here?

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